Velcro Backed Patches-A Great Option!

patchUsing Velcro backing on Flexsystems – custom velcro patches is a wonderful option. As well a being quite durable, they offer versatility because the patch can be changed easily and never falls off. When considering ordering custom velcro patches, there are so many advantages with no limitations.

George De Mestral, a Swiss engineer invented Velcro in 1941. While on a hunting trip with his dog in the Swiss Alps, he accidentally stumbled upon his invention. Something was sticking to his clothing and to his dog’s fur. Upon a closer examination, he realized  burdock seeds were attaching to his clothing and to his dog. When he looked under a microscope he saw, hundreds of hooks that attached to anything with a loop. He then decided to combine the hook and loop. Nature gave him this idea to help simplify our life.

Velcro is very popular as a backing for custom patches. Because patches can be removed before washing, this adds life to the patch. Patches are such a great representation of your team, organization or business. For pennies on the dollar, you can have a phenomenal advertising tool. These custom patches can be designed according to the needs of the customer. For ordering information, go to

The History Of Patches

flex1Patches or badges have been popular for hundreds of years.  In ancient times, Greeks and Romans made images of their gods on emblems. The Christians later wore images of Christ and the saints. As travel increased in the 20th century, the production of souvenir badges became popular. Travelers began collecting patches from the various cities and countries they visited to sew on their jackets or backpacks. Vacationers collected patches from all the sites they visited.

During the 2nd World War,  it was commonplace for soldiers to send badges to their loved ones of places they were stationed. During this time period, these were referred to as “sweetheart badges.” Later, the British started to manufacturer souvenir badges for tourists.

Patches became extremely popular for use with law enforcement and fireman. NASA adopted the use of velcro patches on their missions as a practical closure. Patches have a lengthy history because of they are durable and long lasting.